Baer 1911 Hemi 572, 45ACP, Chrome




Baer 1911 Hemi 572, 45ACP, Chrome

High performance guns and high performance cars. Nobody in America has done a better job of demonstrating his passion for these two types of precision equipment than Les Baer. For his entire adult life, Les has been a leading force not only in the design and production of classic custom firearms, but also a serious, knowledgeable aficionado of finely tuned and beautifully finished four wheel speed machines, from dragsters to 1970s American muscle cars.

This sleek custom pistol is another winner based on Les’ world acclaimed 1911 Premier I© pistol, but it was inspired by Chrysler’s fast and fearsome 1970 Hemi Cuda, the screamer that dominated the streets and stole the hearts of car lovers during the muscle car era. Like Les Baer’s own ’70 Hemi Cuda, the Les Baer Hemi “572” boasts sleek, classic lines and high tech features that guarantee powerful, breathtaking performance. Like other Les Baer pistols, the Hemi “572” is guaranteed to shoot 3″ groups at 50 yards, right out of the box.

Special features include:
Double­­­­ serrated slide • Slide fitted to frame • Baer Fiber optic front sight with green insert
• Hex head grip screws • Flat mainspring housing checkered at 20 lpi • Special tactical package with ambi safety, VZ black recon grips • Complete hard chrome finish on all major components • Dupont S coating on slide stop, ambi safety, mag catch and mag catch lock, hammer, trigger, barrel, plumger tube, hammer pin, sear pin, recoil plug, hex head grip screws • (2) 8-round premium magazines

Caliber: .45 ACP

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