Baer 1911 Monolith, 5″ Model, 40 S&W Supported




Baer 1911 Monolith, 5″ Model, 40 S&W Supported

Les Baer 1911 Monolith 5″ Pistol

Les Baer is the benchmark against which all factory-built and custom-built 1911s are measured.

The 5″ Governmental model is considered the best defense and competition pistol that can be found in America: better quality, better value for money, better performance.

Baer Custom’s MONOLITH is a real steel monster. It’s a weapon that’s as tough and sturdy as it looks. The steel carcass of the MONOLITH runs the entire length of the slide. This also gives the MONOLITH extra weight up front, and helps reduce muzzle lift.

The Baer Model 1911 Monolith guarantees 3″ groupings at 50 yards!

– Monolith Baer National Match steel frame,
– Monolith slide and National Match barrel with stainless steel
bushing – Baer 5″ slide with double grip ridges
– LBC adjustable rear sight with low mount
– Baer dovetail front sight
– Hammer and trigger Baer deluxe
– Beveled well
– Polished feed ramp
– Ambidextrous extended Baer safety
– Pistol tuned for total reliability
– Blued finish
– 2 premium 8cps magazines

Guaranteed accuracy: 3″ at 50 yards

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